Ragetime Art Show table at Darien YMCA

Art Show at the YMCA

Art Show At YMCA

Ragetime Art Show table at Darien YMCA

Curated Culture: Metamorphosis Presented by RAGETIME

The Darien YMCA is pleased to be partnering with RAGETIME, a grassroots organization and collective of current students and alumni who have a passion for equality and justice.  They have recently launched an Art Showcase entitled, Curated Culture: Metamorphosis – A culmination of artistic expression displaying a personal metamorphosis or change in perspective.


RAGETIME requested submissions of work that expresses an experience that has impacted the artists perspective and created their own personal metamorphosis.  Art pieces are being showcased around the Darien community at the Darien YMCA, YWCA, The Depot and Darien Arts Center.  We welcome our community and members to come view each piece and read each artist’s personal statements.  We hope these works will spark conversation and encourage dialogue and action around equal opportunity and education for all.


Through their work, RAGETIME envisions education for every student in which Black history and the contributions of other minority communities are integrated into the standard curriculum for all subjects, and students are afforded an intellectual, safe learning space where they are taught that anyone can invoke change.   Their newly launched website includes resources for the greater community that encourages dialogue and action around equal opportunity and education for all. Resources are centered around education and curriculum, diversity and inclusion, mental health, emotional wellness, and activism.  We also encourage you to visit their newly created website where you will find diversity and inclusion booklists, mental health, curriculum and education resources, Rage Time advocacy work and more.  www.RAGETimeCT.com