Summer Camp Employment


  1. Getting Outdoors:  What other job can you have that you get paid to be outside and have fun?
  2. Building a Camp Family:  Friendships that will last a life time are hard to come by.  When working side by side with other amazing people, you build a connection that can't be broken.
  3. Become a Responsible Leader:  Whether you like to be a leader or not, people will look up to you.  At the end of each day, you are still responsible for making Camp a lasting memory for dozens of campers each week.
  4. Get Paid to Play:  Sports, Gaga, Arts & Crafts, Swimming, Boating, Field Trips, Games and more!  You get paid to entertain campers and put your skills to the test, while possibly learning new things yourself.  Probably the only job you will have that encourages you to yell at the top of your lungs, be silly, and get dirty.
  5. Build Your Resume:  Looking for a way to stand out to future employers?   What better way than to show them you gave up your summer to mentor campers!  It shows that you have patience, you're caring, you think on your feet, you handle sensitive situations, and you're a team player.
  6. Camp is Magic!:   Camp is a Special Place!  There are many years of traditions and memories that can be felt from the moment you arrive at camp.  The only place you truly feel like yourself and can be a kid again!


Where available, click on the job title to apply on Indeed. For other positions, please see job application instructions below.

  1. Specialists:  *Schedules vary
    1. Sailing/Boating Instructor
    2. Swim Instructor
    3. Lifeguard (we will certify you upon hire)
    4. STEM Instructor
    5. Archery Instructor (we will get you certified upon hire)
  2. Head Counselors:  Part time and full time positions available
    1. Preschool (ages 3 - 5) and School Age Campers (grades K - 7)
    2. Starting at $15 per hour
    3. Must have experience working with children, leading groups and supervising staff
  3. Assistant Counselors:  Part time and full time positions available
    1. Preschool (ages 3 - 5) and School Age Campers (grades K - 7)
    2. Starting at $14 per hour
    3. Experience working with young children preferred
  4. Support Staff for children with special needs- Schedule varies
    1. Work 1:1 with children of variety of ages and abilities
    2. Must have experience working with children of different abilities
    3. Starting at $14 per hour.  Pay is based on experience

Camp Dates:  

  • Monday, June 19th - Friday, August 11th- staff must commit to full 8 weeks (time off must be pre-approved)
  • Extra Week- Monday, August 14th - Friday, August 18th- modified staff schedule and limited staff needed


Ready to Apply??

Click here for a Summer Camp Job Application

*Please complete fillable form, save and email to John Novak at or print and bring to the YMCA front desk.


Testimonials from Staff themselves:

"I had so much fun being a pre-school camp counselor, being with the children helping them learn and have fun, and I enjoyed being in such a happy environment everyday."

"Being involved in camp last summer has given me the unique and hands on experience of being able to teach, learn more about my future career, and watch as children express themselves and explore. It was one of the most important experiences I have been a part of, so much so I wrote my college essay about it."

"I had a great time last year working with the special needs kids, and I want to continue bringing joy to these kids. I feel like I've built up a great relationship with the kids and want to keep building on that. I couldn't think of a job I'd rather be doing this summer."

"It’s my favorite time of year. I get to be a kid again!"

"Working at the camp before never felt like work, it was always something I looked forward to in the upcoming months. I really loved getting up for work everyday and being able to work outside with fun co-counselors and kids. Working a desk job last summer reminded me how much I missed working outside and how much I missed being involved with the Y."

"Camp was an incredible experience for me. I enjoyed every moment with my campers and I can tell they appreciated my leadership as well. It is a lot of fun and is a great way to build leadership skills and interact with kids."

"the past three summers working at the Y camp have been so much fun. Not only are the kids awesome, but the staff last year was the best group of people I've been with so far. It's a super positive environment and I would love to be part of the team again."