Dry Land Training

The Piranhas offer Dry Land training to all Training Groups Poseidon and above. The goal of the Piranha Dry Land program for all Training Groups is general fitness, body awareness, flexibility and core strength. As Swimmers progress to the Junior I and Senior Training Groups dry land training frequency increases and more strength training is added. For the Poseidon and Junior II training groups at least one session per week is taught by a Y Fitness instructor and at least two for the Junior I and Senior groups. Nautilus dry lands take place on deck before practice and are taught by the coaches.

Please note that dry lands is a privilege and all swimmers are expected to behave properly not only to exhibit good manners but also in the name of safety. As well, swimmers must show up dressed appropriately, i.e t-shirt, shorts of sweats and especially athletic footwear. Swimmers participating in on-deck dry lands just need to show up in their bathing suits.

Please note that swimmers who attend dry lands will also be expected to attend swim practice on the day dry lands is offered.

A schedule for these sessions are posted on the practice schedule page along with the swim practice schedule.