Killeen Family Story

Kileen sons with April Greene and Suzanne Richards

John and Kristine, like many working parents, rely on the Darien YMCA for their childcare needs.  Their older son Sean has been a regular participant in the after-school Kids Club program as well as Summer Camp over the past 5 years.  Kids Club has been wonderful from helping with homework, participating in other YMCA activities such as swimming and basketball, and creating friendships with kids from other Darien schools.

When they were struggling to find a suitable daycare for their younger son Logan, who is in the Darien ELP program and requires special services, they turned to the Y to see if there was a place for him.  April and Suzanne went above and beyond to work together with the family to determine proper teacher placement and accommodations to bridge gaps in their daily schedules that ensured both Logan and Sean were cared for while their parents worked.

For John and Kristine, the support and care given to their family by Suzanne Richards, April Greene and the Y staff “have been a godsend.”  But it wasn’t just the accommodations that made the difference, it was the quality of the care their boys receive when at the Y.

John says “The Y really saved us. And not only that, but I have also seen both kids excel because of the relationships they have formed with the teachers and staff at the Y. We are so very grateful.”