Officials Certification

Officials Certification Requirements and Procedure

Certifications are possible at the Local Swimming Committee (LSC) and national levels. All Connecticut is one LSC represented by Connecticut Swimming Inc. (CSI). USA Swimming is the national organization.

CSI officials’ certifications include

  1. Stroke & Turn (S&T)
  2. Starter (A minimum of one year as a S&T official is required before beginning any of the activities required for starter certification.)
  3. Referee (A minimum of one year as a starter is required before beginning any of the activities required for referee certification.)
  4. Administrative Referee

Certifications must be achieved in the above order.

To be certified as a CSI official, an individual must do the following: (Steps 1 and 2 can be accomplished in either order.)

  1. Join CSI/USA Swimming as a “Non-Athlete” ($57).
    a., or
    b. Go to and select “Registration” on the left;
    d. In the first sentence, click “online;”
    e. On the next page, at the bottom, click on “Click Here” to register and pay online.
    f. Complete the application.
  2. Attend a CSI officials’ clinic.
    For a list of upcoming clinics, visit; go to “Officials’ Page” on the left; then scroll down to “Official’s Clinics”)
  3. Pass an “open book” online test at the appropriate level.
    a. The tests are found at For a link to the page, go to; select “Officials’ Page” on the left and scroll down to and click On-Line Officials’ Tests. Exams at all levels require a minimum grade of 80% to pass. You can re-take them.
    b. One test is required for initial S&T certification: “Certification — Stroke & Turn/Timer”.
  4. Print out your Official’s Card. You will need this to train at your first meet, 7-10 days after you complete the first three steps above:
    Go to; log in using the ID and password you used to take the online test; select “Volunteers,” then “Officials.” Select “Officials Tracking,” then “My Certification Card,” and print your Official’s Card, which will identify you as a trainee.(Alternatively to waiting 10 days, you can email the Ed Becker, Officials Chair, at and inform him you have completed the requirements. After his verification, you will be able to print your card.)
  5. Train at swimming meets in the position for the appropriate number of sessions under a certified CSI referee.
    a. Shortly after each meet, the referee will record your training sessions(s) in the Officials Tracking System at You can also check this by logging in at and going to “Officials Tracking”
    again as above. Contact the referee if your sessions are not reported.
    b. The appropriate number of sessions are as follows:

    1. Stroke+Turn: 4 Sessions
    2.  Starter: 5 Sessions
    3.  Referee: 6 SessionsFor Stroke+Turn and Starter training, one of the sessions may be a non-USA sanctioned meet as long as it is run by a USA certified referee.Training is not allowed at freestyle only meets. S+T and Starter training is not allowed at CSI championship meets (Regionals, Age Groups, and Seniors).One of the referee sessions shall consist of all tasks and duties required by the meet referee. If possible this should also include working with the administrative referee at a championship meet.At the completion of your required training sessions, email the Officials Chair “applying” for Certification. The Officials Chair will verify that you have completed the requirements and change your level from Official Trainee to “Qualified Official.” You will then be able to print out another card reflecting your certification online at

Officials’ Clinics

The clinics have an introductory session that covers the general fundamentals of officiating philosophy as well as some discussion of recent changes at the national level, and specialized instruction in the rules and techniques of the positions being taught. Separate clinics are held for Referees and Starters.


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