The Piranhas have a great tradition of having many USA Swimming Officials affiliated with the Team. It is a requirement that all USA Swimming Meets have a sufficient number of USA registered Officials on deck. Without Officials, the meet cannot be considered a USA Swimming sanctioned meet. Having Officials affiliated with the Team is a huge benefit.

Becoming an Official entails participating in a class and taking an on-line open book test. Once you have done both, you must work at least four meets as a trainee after the fourth meet you are a Stroke and Turn Official.

  1. How do I become an Official?
  2. Who are the Officials on deck?
  3. CT Swimming Officials’ website
  4. USA Swimming Officials’ website
  5. Timers Briefing
  6. Official’s Uniform


Darien Officials

Group NameTraining FeeMeet Fee**USA FeePPA Dues*
Maia (Winter only)$700$300$64$96
Triton (Winter only, 9 year olds)$800$450$64$96
Nautilus (Full Year)$1,300$525$64$146
Junior II$1,700$675$64$261
Junior I$1,850$675$64$311