Peter’s Story

Peter Higgins New Board Members of the Darien YMCA

Our family’s roots originated at a YMCA. Without the Y, our family of five’s journey to the Darien YMCA may never have happened.  My wife, Erica, and I first met as competitive swimmers when I was 10 years old after my original team, the Somerset Valley YMCA in Somerville, NJ, merged with Erica’s team at their much more modern and spacious facilities in Bridgewater, NJ.  After countless hours of swim practices, meets and team gatherings during our childhoods, the friendships we made then (based, in part, on the resources, relationships and opportunities the Y provided us) still exist today. 

The Y had been an integral part of our early lives and, after living abroad in England for 15 years, the Y has again become a focus point in all five of our lives. We moved back “home” to America and purposely identified Darien as a town with a strong sense of community. Having and raising three sons abroad and then coming back to America amidst Covid certainly posed challenges.  The Darien YMCA proved to be our outlet for overall health and well-being. The staff was welcoming to us newcomers, the programs and classes have been amazing, and the facilities are better than most 5-star gyms. We’re happy and proud to have been family members of the Darien YMCA since 2020. Going forward, as a board member, I’m committed to working with the amazing staff and board to continuously welcome new members to strengthen the foundation and impact the overall wellbeing of our Darien community for the next 60 years - just as our predecessors have been doing in town for the past 60 years.   

Peter Higgins
Board Member,
Darien YMCA