Piranha Swim Team Registration

How to Join

New swimmers must register for the Spring or Fall Stroke Clinic to be evaluated for placement on the Team. The Spring Clinic is for the Summer season (April-July) and Fall is for the Winter Season (Sept-March). Through this clinic all swimmers will be evaluated and some swimmers will be invited to join Piranhas, some will be invited to join House and some will be referred to YMCA lessons or put on a wait list. Please see “Stroke Clinic” under the Program tab for more information.

Competitive Swimming Year

The Piranha Swim Team operates on an annual fee basis for all 10/overs: Fall registration will include training and meets for both the Short Course (SC) season and the Long Course (LC) season. Swimmers 9/under (as of the last Friday in August) will have the option of signing up as seasonal swimmers. The SC season (meets in 25 yd. pools) begins in early September and ends early March. For qualifying swimmers, the SC championship season may continue into April. After a short break, the LC season (meets in 50 m pools) begins in early April and runs to mid July. All returning Piranhas will receive a Registration Packet by email in LATE JULY 2014. You cannot register without this packet and there is no YMCA online registration for Piranhas. Returning swimmers will have until Friday, August 22 to complete their registration and be guaranteed a place on the Team.

Required at Time of Registration

  • Full Child Membership to the Darien YMCA (NOT a Member Kid)
  • Training Fee
    • All Families will have the opportunity to pay in three or four installments
    • Information on YMCA Financial Assistance is available on request.
  • Piranha Parents Association (PPA) Dues
  • USA Swimming Registration (once per year)
  • Meet Fees (plus a one-time equipment kit fee for new Junior/Senior swimmers)

Required Through the Course of the Season

  • Each swimmer is required to buy the Team Uniform. Please see the ‘Team Gear‘ page for more details.
    Fundraising: Each Piranha family is also required to participate in the Team’s fundraisers. Please see the ‘Fundraiser‘ page for more details.
  • Senior swimmer travel is arranged for selected meets. For these meets a fee will be identified in advance. This fee will include applicable hotel, food and transportation costs and must be paid in full before a swimmer will be allowed to leave for the meet. In some instances, additional expenses may be incurred during the course of a meet and will be billed later. Swimmers with any delinquent Team fees will not be eligible to travel.
    Insurance Statement
  • The Darien YMCA does not provide accident insurance for injuries sustained during YMCA activities. Participants in programs use the facility at their own risk. Members are encouraged to have personal medical insurance coverage.


Go to news & updates for up-to-date weather-related cancellation information. Cancellations due to inclement weather are also broadcast over local radio stations. Participants may also call the YMCA at 655-8228 ext 1397 to determine if practice is being held.