Piranha Swim Team Volunteering

We believe that parental involvement is essential. Within the Piranha Parents Association (everyone parent of a swimmer on the Team is a member of the PPA), there is an opportunity for everyone to volunteer no matter your skills, interests or availability. These opportunities include running bagel or pizza parties after practice, becoming a swim meet official, running a sign making party and much, much more. Please be aware of the Meet Volunteer requirements detailed below. This is for each Piranha family.



Piranhas institute a MANDATORY timing/meet volunteering requirement for all Piranha families. This applies regardless of your level of meet participation. Each family (not per child), will be required to work a minimum of 3 timing/meet volunteer shifts during the Short Course season and 2 during the Long Course season. Each “season” is defined by the respective start date of the season up to and including CT Regionals. Please note Age Group and Seniors are considered separate and those parents of entered swimmers must fulfill those requirements. A “shift” is defined as a predetermined amount of time a person times/volunteers at a meet, usually no more than 2 hours. The Piranhas usually divide assignments into 2 shifts, but can divide into 3 or 4 shifts, if necessary. A “shift” does include timing for your own swimmer at Distance meets. An on-line sign-up sheet is emailed in advance of a meet and parents can sign up to time using this on-line system.

Each family (with their registration) has paid $200 towards this volunteer requirement. If you fulfill your Short Course season (Sept-March) requirement you will receive $100 back and the same for Long Course (April-July). A “Winter-only” swimmer which is defined as a 9/under who opted to swim for the Short Course season only will receive all $200 back when their Short Course season requirement is fulfilled. If you do not fulfill your requirement, you forfeit the amount.

Families can “volunteer it forward” by working more sessions in the Short Course which give that family credit for the Long Course.

Every meet the Piranhas attend MUST have parent volunteers to ensure a smooth running meet and the Piranhas always have to put forward their fair share of volunteers. USA Swimming and the Piranhas cannot operate without these volunteers.

Active Piranha USA Officials will not be required to adhere to these requirements.

The links below describe the various volunteer opportunities available within the Piranha organization.

Meet Volunteers

Swim Meet Officials


Social, Fundraising and Team Store Coordinators