Pool Schedules

We are excited to announce some changes related to Lap Swim Reservations.

Based on current guidance and usage, reservations will no longer be required for Adult Lap Swim, Family Swim or Water Exercise. The following changes are effective Monday, August 30.

  • Adult Lap Swim: Reservations no longer required. All Adult Lap swim times will be open for drop in lap swimming. Please refer to revised pool schedule for lap swim times. Minimum age 16 years and up
  • Lap Swim Capacity: Lap lanes will allow for 2 swimmers per lane for both large and small pools. If you arrive and all lanes have 2 swimmers. Please wait until a spot opens up before entering the pool. All lap swim times will end at the indicated time on the schedule, so please plan accordingly.
  • Aquatics: Children 8 & under must have a parent/guardian (min of 17 years) with them in the water during Family Swim    and in the locker rooms at all times.
  • Aquatics: Children 9 – 12 must have a parent/guardian supervising them on the pool deck at all times. If a 9 – 12 year old child is a non-swimmer a parent/guardian is required to swim with their child.
  • Aquatics: Children 13 years and older are allowed to use the pool during family swim without direct supervision. Parents are strongly encouraged to be in the building while their child is swimming
  • Family Swim:  No Reservations required.
  • Water Exercise: No Reservations required however if any given class reaches an attendance level that is too great it will be closed out that day- first come first served.

We have updated Fall schedule to be able to offer more opportunities to our members for adult lap swim and family recreational swim. Pool schedules are available online and subject to change.

Below are printable schedules. These pool schedules are subject to change.