Pre-School Aquatics

Important Information

Families who register their child in an infant or pre-school swim class may register for a second swim class for the same child/ same session and receive a 30% discount for the second class! The 30% discount applies to “non-prime time” classes held weekdays between 10 am – 2 pm. For more information contact Amy D’Andrea at (203) 655-8228 ext. 1307.

Aquatics Makeup Policy:

The Aquatics Department will provide up to 1 make-up classes per session per participant for missed classes. This applies to any class missed due to personal reasons or illness. No additional credits will be issued and “drop-in” makeups will not be done during the session. Make-ups will be provided during our session break week on a space available basis and will not necessarily be offered at the exact day and time as your current class. If you are unable to attend the offered makeup times, no additional credits will be issued.

There will be limited space so please arrange your makeups as soon as you miss a class.

Extended illness will receive an online credit with a doctor’s note.

Contact Amy D’Andrea to schedule your makeup. Extended illness will require a doctor’s note and result in online credit. Pool closure/ weather cancellations will be made up as usual.


Pre-School Swim Program

The Pre-School Swim Program is for potty-trained children from 2 years & 9 months old to Kindergarten. Levels are based on specific skills, rather than age. If you are new to the YMCA Swimming Program and wish to register above the Pike level, please call Amy D’Andrea at 655-8228 ext. 1307.

Stage 1: Water Acclimation, ages 2-6 years • View Class Times & Fees
This level is designed for new and beginner swimmers, teaching them basic breathing, paddle stroke, and kicking skills. Students will be introduced to basic self-rescue skills. They will develop comfort with underwater exploration and learn to safely enter and exit the pool.

Stage 2: Water Movement, ages 2-6 years View Class Times & Fees
This level is for the advanced beginner. They are taught floating independently, flutter kicking, and paddle stroke. The focus is on body position and control, directional change, and forward movement.

Stage 3: Water Stamina, ages 2-6 years View Class Times & Fees
Children at this level will build endurance and learn how to swim to safety from a longer distance. Rhythmic breathing and integrated arm and leg actions are taught.

Stage 4: Stroke Introduction, ages 2-6 years View Class Times & Fees
Having mastered the fundamentals, students learn additional safety skills and build stroke technique. front and back crawl stroke and breaststroke are learned.

Private Swim Lessons
One on One private lessons is offered for children and adults who desire special attention and instruction. Depending on the instructor’s availability, we try to accommodate lessons to individual’s schedules.

Swim Evaluation
Not sure which level your child belongs in? Schedule a swim evaluation to determine the correct level for your child. Contact Amy D’Andrea at 655-8228 ext. 1307.

For class times and fees please view our Summer and Fall Brochures!