Special Needs Sports & Fitness

All participants must register online or at the front desk. Many of our classes have maximums and we want to be sure we stay within our ratios.

Soothing Yoga • Boys & Girls Ages 8-12 years  View Class Times & Fees
This class is designed to bring the many benefits of yoga to children in a fun and relaxed environment. Classes will include yoga poses, movement games, breathing techniques, and shavasana (relaxation time). Wear comfortable clothes and bring your curiosity. Parents and caregivers are welcome to join the class.  *Time change from brochure- class will now be 3:45 PM – 4:30 PM in the Yoga Studio.

Little Yogis • Boys & Girls Ages 5-7 years • View Class Times & Fees
*Time change from brochure- class will now be 4:45 – 5:15 PM in the Yoga Studio.

Sibs Gym • Ages 4-15 years  View Class Times & Fees
An inclusive movement/gymnastics program for children with special needs and their typical same age or older sibling/friend. This class will take place in our state-of-the-art Gymnastics Center at the Darien YMCA. Our facility includes an in-ground trampoline, a large foam pit, a spring floor and more. As the children grow with age and physical adeptness, the direction becomes more detailed and physical activities are more complex.

Zumba • Ages 10+  View Class Times & Fees
Popular dance fitness program set to Latin music. Provides a great aerobic workout. For ages 10 to teens.

Focus on Fitness • Ages 10 – 18 years  View Class Times & Fees
This special fitness offering will use movement to improve your child’s proprioception- mind/body coordination. Participants will engage in various exercises to enhance balance, core stability, muscular strength, and endurance, resulting in increased strength that will naturally translate to activities in their day-to-day world. All classes will be led by a certified fitness trainer experienced in working with children with special needs. A maximum of 8 participants in the class will ensure that each child receives individual, personalized care.

Sports Skill Builder • Ages 6-10  View Class Times & Fees

An athletic program designed around the needs and abilities of the participants. In a fun yet challenging environment, children will build motor skills and confidence while engaging in a variety of sports activities.

Young Athletes • Ages 3-11 years  View Class Times & Fees
Young Athletes is a unique sport and play program.  The focus is on fun activities that are important to mental and physical growth. Children are introduced to the world of sports as they enjoy games and activities that develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The children learn new things, play and have lots of fun. Located in our Gymnastics Center.

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For more information on all our special needs programs, contact Suzanne Richards, Youth Development and Special Needs Programs (203) 655-8228 ext. 1331.