The Holly Pond School

Our mission is to foster the growth of independent and confident scholars who respect themselves and others through active learning experiences that extend their knowledge in the classroom and beyond.

The learning environment at the Holly Pond School is experiential, interactive, and collaborative, with an emphasis on educating the whole person— fostering the intellectual, socio-emotional, and physical growth of each child. We plan and follow a consistent schedule daily with learning goals in mind.  This helps children feel secure (because they know what comes next) and independent (because they move from one activity to another easily and confidently).


Our curriculum is organized thematically, enabling children to make thoughtful connections and comparisons from their own observations, explorations, and experiences. We believe we teach children best when we support and extend their learning through play, challenging them to discover their own abilities and to try the unfamiliar.

Each area of the classroom has a developmental purpose.  This allows children to learn through discovery in a hands-on, active environment. We believe when children actively explore the learning environment, they construct their own meaning, which makes them feel confident and independent because they are truly invested in the experience.


We utilize proactive classroom management techniques and respectful language. This models respect for self and others, and guides children to focus on good choices. We believe that children who feel respected and confident that they are an integral part of the life of the classroom are consequently sensitive and responsive to others. From classroom rules to school-wide projects, we teach that all people are deserving of respect and kindness.


Our affiliation with the YMCA allows opportunities for active enrichment, including swimming and gymnastics.  This broadens learning beyond the classroom, engaging the body as well as the mind, helping children develop courage and confidence. We believe that courage, confidence and teamwork can be taught effectively through our program that links “ABCs” with “In the water, please.”  We believe that our students leave the Holly Pond School with an awareness of community, and apply the core values we espouse: respect, responsibility, honesty, and caring

The teaching staff at Holly Pond School has been selected for their child oriented focus, caring and sensitivity. Each is trained in Early Childhood Education with a minimum of 12 Early Childhood Education credits. Teachers are committed to providing a safe and positive environment for the total development of the child. Teacher/staff ratios are maintained at state requirement levels. A gymnastics/dance specialist, music specialist, swim instructor and a sports specialist are also on staff to further enrich your child’s experience.