Therapeutic Massage

The Darien YMCA is offering therapeutic massage by a team of certified massage therapists in our new massage room. The massage room is a newly renovated, quiet, private room located between the adult men’s and adult women’s locker rooms.

Individuals have different preferences and needs for massage therapy. The Darien Y is unique in that we offer a variety of massage approaches for no surcharge. All of our therapists are trained in deep tissue and Swedish massage and some have specialties in pre-natal and Thai massage. Our therapists have between 5 to 20 years of experience in the therapeutic massage field.

Massage therapy is more than just “pampering” – it has a wide variety of tangible health benefits. Studies have revealed that in addition to assisting in the treatment of sports injuries, massage therapy can reduce cortisol (a stress hormone) in the blood, decrease cytokine proteins related to inflammation, and boost white blood cells that fight infection. Click here to continue reading more about the benefits of massage therapy.

Massage appointments don’t need to be booked far in advance at the Darien YMCA. We have massage therapists on site for most of each day. Contact one of our Licensed Massage Therapists, Anthony, at 203-912-3570 to confirm that an appointment time is available and purchase your massage at the Darien Y front desk. You can also email with questions.


Member Rates

 Single Session5-Pack10-Pack
60-Minute Massage$100$475$900
90-Minute Massage$150$725$1400

Non-Member Rates

 Single Session5-Pack10-Pack
60-Minute Massage$110$525$1000
90-Minute Massage$160$775$1500