Developmental Gymnastics

School Age girl on uneven gymnastics bars with a coach

About the Developmental Gymnastics YMCA Programs

Team Developmental (Invite only program for girls)

This is an invite-only program that requires a Darien YMCA membership as well as a year-round commitment (We would like a minimum of 50% attendance expected in the summer either registered for a 4-week session of Team Developmental or attending gymnastics camp). This program meets twice a week for an hour each time, to help develop a more advanced skill-base. Along with advanced skills taught on all four events, there is a strong emphasis on strength building, conditioning, and flexibility.

Level 2 (Invite only program for girls)

Like the Team Developmental Program, this is an invite-only and a year-round commitment is vital in preparation for one of our team programs and gymnastics progression. This program meets twice a week for 90 minutes and builds upon the gymnastics foundation they learned in the Tumble Bees, Progressive, and Team Developmental Programs with a strong fucus on strength and flexibility training. The goal is to move into one of our team programs once the coaches feel the gymnast has mastered the skills and training needed and prepared to compete.

Check out our brochure for current program offerings.