Special Needs Innovative Vocations

Innovative Vocations is an integrated program that is dedicated to supplementing the occupational stepping stones between high school and college. During the student’s time, in this program, they will be given the tools to learn important vocational skills such as: preparatory operations, social interactions, and management of time and money. Students will be a valued part of the community as a link between the YMCA’s after school Kids Club children and teachers as they help prepare and hand out snacks, support teachers in organizing children’s arts and crafts projects, and checking inventory to make sure all runs smoothly, all while earning “Y-Bucks” to be saved and spent on our uniquely modified Innovative Vocations Catalog. This program was built for learning social, financial and preparation skills for our special needs team.

Contact Suzanne Richards, Director of Youth Development and Special Needs Programs to find out more about the programs currently offered at srichards@darien-ymca.org.

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