Online Registration


Important things to note before registering:

  1. On the first of the the new session, registration begins at 10:00AM for both inhouse and online registration.
  2. For those on financial assistance or scholarship, please register in person.
  3. If you are entering the session late, you must register in person to receive a prorated discount if one is available
  4. Promo code for online camp registration include 5% Sibling Discount OR 5 % 8 Week Discount. Only one is permitted. Contact John Novak with any questions at
  5. Safari browser users may experience issues viewing the portal. We recommend using Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer as your browser.

Log in with Phone or Email

Members will now have the option to identify their account with an email address or phone number. To add you information for the first time or to update your account, please speak with a membership representative at the front desk or call 203-655-8228.

Daxko Member Login

Quick Login or Password Reset Options

If you cannot remember your password, we now include multiple options for receiving a one-time code. You may select from the email addresses associated with the account, or an SMS text message for the phone number on the account.  If you choose to reset your password instead of using the one-time code, we offer the option of sending a reset link via email.

Daxko Quick Login or Password Reset

Select a Member

When you log in, we will present the list of members on your account. If two individuals on the same account have the same email and password, we will no longer block your login. Once your credentials are entered, we will prompt you to identify who you are before proceeding to your account. Once logged in, a list of class categories will appear. A list of classes is available on our website on the Schedules page or at the Front Desk.

Daxko Select a Member

For assistance in setting up your account, please call the front desk at (203) 655-8228 or email