Jeff Williams Story

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“Fifteen years ago, I turned a “certain age” and decided it was time to get myself in shape and change my way of living to a much healthier lifestyle. Fast forward to 2022, I am 30 lbs. lighter and in pretty good shape for a guy “my age”. This accomplishment was a result of dozens of classes with Grant, Bev and Gene. They’ve all been terrific, and each helped me get to where I am today. Their dedication, hard work and caring for all the Y members was and is absolute, and I am better person for it. I am truly grateful. I recently had a strong sense of wanting to give back to the Y, because the feeling is, the Y has given a lot back to me. I joined the Board to use my own experience to benefit the Y and the entire community.

I am looking forward to the opportunity to bring the Board constructive input. I hope to help keep the Y a great destination and resource for all of our Families.”