Karen’s Story

Karen Brennan has been a long time member of the Darien YMCA. Thanks to the pandemic, her crazy work schedule, and a long winter, her fitness routine had been in a slump and she needed a jump start and some motivation. After getting her first vaccination in March and receiving some encouragement from friend and fellow Y member, Annette Madden-Kline (who also swims and takes spin at the Y), Karen started coming to the pool to swim a few times each week. Karen has loved to swim since childhood, and felt safe here as the Y has had great Covid protocols in place. Soon Karen started swimming regularly and walking every day to mix it up. She also started tracking her meals and the foods she ate on a free food app and before she knew it, she had lost 55 pounds!! Yes, 55 pounds! She created a plan for herself that was simple -- workouts that she likes and an eating plan that didn't have her on any fad diets or cutting out foods that she likes. As a trainer people always ask me, "What is the best exercise to do to lose weight?" My response is always, "One that you enjoy and one that you'll do! You'll be more apt to keep with it than if it's an exercise you hate. If you hate running, don't do it. Find something you like."

After losing weight, Karen had a fitness orientation with me to help her put together a fitness routine to add some strength training to her routine. Karen is now feeling great physically, and mentally, and as an added bonus, her cholesterol and blood pressure are both down naturally. She feels and looks younger. Karen continues to swim early mornings at the Y to fit it into her busy schedule and she is rocking it! Way to go Karen! You are an inspiration!