Piranha Swim Team PPA

The Piranha Parents Association (PPA) is a vital support organization for the Piranha Swim Team. It provides administrative, financial and other general support for the Darien YMCA’s competitive swim program. All parents are members of the PPA and each family is required to contribute annual dues at registration. The Piranha Advisory Committee (PAC), representing the parents, meets regularly with the Competitive Swim Director and works closely with the coaching staff and the YMCA. The PAC is not a policy-making body, but does help define procedures to facilitate a smooth running team. Very importantly, the PPA provides necessary financial and volunteer resources at meets and other special events that are critical to building and maintaining a unified and spirited Team.


2014-15 Piranha Advisory Committee (PAC) Members

Head Coach: Henk Jansen
Chair: Lianne Zielinski
Competitive Swim Administrator, Treasurer & Spirit Wear Coordinator: Mary McCarthy
Volunteer Chair: Kara Bohnsack
Age Group Co-chair: Heidi Mitchell
Age Group Co-chair: Sherri Prendergast
Official’s Chair:
Volunteer Committee: Alison Smith, Kathryn Doran, Ann McKee, Kaysie Uniacke
Age Group Parent(s): Kerrie Langeveld, Maia; Stefanny Manchero & Kelly Kirby, Nautilus/Triton; Heidi Mitchel, Sr, Jr groups.