Progressive Gymnastics

Toddler playing in the Darien YMCA gymnastics Center

About the Progressive Gymnastics YMCA Programs

Tumble Bees

Our preschool movement program for children ages 12 months – 5 years

1-2’s and 2-3’s with adult classes

Together with their caregiver and moving towards independence in our gymnastics program, treat your little one to this fun-filled preschool movement program! Our program allows children to discover color, shape, and movement while developing imagination, coordination, balance, strength, flexibility, and motor skills which will help them excel in all future athletic activities.

3–5-year-old classes

Gaining independence, 45 minutes drop-off classes are designed to help develop coordination, strength, and confidence. These classes will teach basic gymnastics skills and introduce children to 5 gymnastics apparatuses: vault, bars, beam, floor, and trampoline. Obstacles and circuits are utilized to enhance skill building, while teaching children how to follow directions, and learn how to be safe in a gymnastics setting, while having fun!

Tiny Tumblers (Intense curriculum for pre-school girls)

This hour-long class is designed for pre-school girls who would like a more intense curriculum. It is a great introduction to our progressive class programs, where each class is designed to improve physical development and confidence. This fun-filled class has a blend of obstacle courses, introduction to the balance beam, and all the favorites, handstands, cartwheels, and backward rolls!

School Age Classes: Rollers, Swingers, Cartwheels

An hour-long class designed for girls who want to learn proper gymnastics technique, terminology, and skills. The classes are designed to introduce and challenge the girls on 5 events: vault, bars, beam, floor, and trampoline. Each week, we will focus on 2-3 events, while adding the most important elements into class: stretching and conditioning. Gymnastics is about promoting all-around physical development, mental strength, and muscle memory. Classes are grouped by age and within each class, then are grouped by ability to maintain a more detailed lesson plan.