Progressive Gymnastics

About Darien Gymnastics

The Darien YMCA is fortunate to have a team of former Elite gymnasts and coaches leading our gymnastics program. This international four-person team has created and coached a winning team whose successes include qualification to the Junior Olympic National Championships and many State, Regionals and National Wins. The coaching expertise is felt throughout the entire gymnastics program.

All Gymnastics classes are held in our Gymnastics Facility at the Main YMCA.

About Progressive Gymnastics

Gymnastics is a world-renowned sport for its ability to build strong and flexible bodies. Our classes build

and reinforce children’s skills in the areas of physical coordination, agility, endurance, strength, balance, gross motor skills, and fine motor skills, yet the most important ingredient in our program is FUN. Kids gladly join in physical fitness exercises that are packaged as fun. All of our classes teach basic skill progressions, which vary according to the age and ability of each child. Overall, our unique approach to teaching creates the ideal environment for enhancing children’s physical development.

*Select classes by your child’s age; children will be evaluated on the first day of classes, and then placed in “beginners” or “intermediate” groups.  The “2” level of each course denotes intermediate, where a more challenging curriculum will be taught.

Beginner and Intermediate classes

Rollers • K - 1st grade
Tuesdays 4:00PM - 5:00PM
(Girls only beginner & intermediate)
Fees: Members- $133 Non-Members: $162

Swingers/ Cartwheels • 2nd - 5th grade
Tuesdays 5:15PM - 6:15PM
(Girls only beginner & intermediate)
Fees: Members- $133 Non-Members: $162