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Swim Lessons: A Year Round Priority. 5 kids on a floating on a water pad at the Darien YMCA pool.
The Darien YMCA’s School Age and Progressive Swim Program is designed to meet the needs of all it’s participants at each level of the program. Each level is based on specific skills and age guidelines, as described in the Parent’s Guide to the YMCA Swimming Program. Throughout the entire program, participants are taught skills in a progressive manner and build strength and endurance as they master each level. Aquatics instructors are trained in the National YMCA S.K.I.P.P.E.R.S. Program.

If you have any questions regarding the Darien YMCA School Age and Progressive Swim Program, please contact Amy D’Andrea at 655-8228 ext. 1307.

Aquatics Makeup Policy:

The Aquatics Department will provide up to 1 make-up classes per session per participant for missed classes. This applies to any class missed due to personal reasons or illness. No additional credits will be issued and “drop-in” makeups will not be done during the session. Make-ups will be provided during our session break week on a space available basis and will not necessarily be offered at the exact day and time as your current class. If you are unable to attend the offered makeup times, no additional credits will be issued.

There will be limited space so please arrange your makeups as soon as you miss a class.

Extended illness will receive an online credit with a doctor’s note.

Contact Amy D'Andrea to schedule your makeup. Extended illness will require a doctor's note and result in online credit. Pool closure/ weather cancellations will be made up as usual.

Stage 1 Water Acclimation, ages 5-13 years (Small Pool)
For the beginner or fearful swimmer. Focus on getting comfortable in the water, rhythmic breathing, front and back paddle strokes, and floating.

Stage 2 Water Movement, ages 5-13 years (Small Pool)
Advanced beginner swimmer that is more comfortable in the water. Emphasis is on refining front and back crawl strokes. Swimmers are taught rotary breathing. For completion of this level children must be able to perform two lengths of the small pool doing front and back crawl stroke and be able to float on their front and back for 1 minute.

Stage 3 Water Stamina, ages 5-13 years (Large Pool)
This level is for the comfortable swimmer, an emphasis is on stroke refinement for front crawl, with rotary breathing and backstroke. This level is designed to work longer distances, utilizing the large pool for exposure to deep water and early diving skills.

Stage 4 Stroke Introduction, ages 6-13 years (Large Pool)
Swimmers at this level can swim one length of the large pool doing front crawl with competent rhythmic breathing. Additionally, they can swim one length doing the backstroke. Breaststroke and diving are introduced and the swimmer continues to build endurance.

Stage 5 Stroke Development, ages 6-13 years (Large Pool)
This level is for the advanced swimmer who can successfully complete 25 yards of front crawl and backstroke, can dive from the starting block, and exhibit a competent breaststroke. Open turns are introduced.

Stage 6 Stroke Mechanics, ages 6-13 years (Large Pool)
Stroke refinement and increased endurance are the main focus during this level. They will be introduced to flip turns as well as the butterfly. For completion of this level, swimmers must be able to complete 100 yards front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke, and 25 yards of butterfly.

Private Swim Lessons
One on One private lessons are offered for children and adults who desire special attention and instruction. Depending on the instructor's availability, we try to accommodate lessons to individuals' schedules. Please contact Deb Redcay at for more information.

For class times and fees please view our current brochure.

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