Financial Assistance


Approved by the YMCA Board of Directors, 11-26-12



The Darien YMCA strives to serve everyone in the Town of Darien, who lives, works or attends school in Darien. It is based on family income, number of household members and the availability of YMCA funds. Adults applying for financial assistance for an adult membership at the Darien YMCA, who live in another YMCA service area, are expected to apply to their YMCA first. If, for any reason, an applicant can demonstrated that his or her application for financial assistance has been denied by another YMCA, the Darien YMCA will consider each out of town adult application on an as needed basis.


Special Thanks

The Darien YMCA Financial Assistance is made possible through the generous contributions of organizations and individuals in Darien.


How To Apply

A Financial Assistance application may be obtained on our website or at the front desk. The application process is confidential and requires proof of financial need.

The Darien Y reserves the right to request proof of residence for applicants and family members.

  1. Applicants qualify for assistance based on annual income and size of the family.
  2. Applicants re-apply for assistance on a yearly basis.
  3. The amount of financial assistance being offered does not exceed the resources of the Darien YMCA to fund it.
  4. Financial Assistance for youth will be limited to one program per family member per session, with the exception of Kid’s Club, Holly Pond School, and Camp.
  5. The form must be completed and accompanied by income verification. Income verification will be most recent Tax Return, W-2 forms, past 4 weeks pay stubs, public aid documentation, social security or disability statements, child support/alimony payments. If you did not file a tax return, please indicate and explain. We require letters from all employers if no tax return has been filed.
  6. You must also provide a copy of your lease or mortgage and two utility bills.
  7. Incomplete applications will not be processed and will be returned to applicant.


Application Process

1. Applications and income verification should be submitted to:

Nancy Sweeney, Office Manager
Darien YMCA
2420 Post Road
Darien, CT 06820

Camp and Youth applications will be forwarded directly to Suzanne Richards or April Greene. You will receive a letter regarding the status of your application for Camp, Kid’s Club, and Holly Pond School.

2. To register for additional classes or programs within your scholarship year, please complete the “Request for Additional Programs” form and send in to the Front Desk, Attn.: Nancy Sweeney. You may pick up the form at the front desk or download from our website.

3. Allow 15-20 business days to process the application.

4. You will be contacted by email or phone and the approved form will be put in the “pick-up box” at the Front Desk for memberships and session programs.

5. The Front Desk staff will charge you the appropriate fee and process your membership or program sign-up.
6. Approval does not guarantee you a spot in a class. You must come in to register at the appropriate time and in keeping with our registration guidelines.

Click here to download the Financial Assistance Application.